Seussical - March 22 - March 23, 2019

South Glens Falls High School


Crew Members  
Student Technical Directors  
McKenna Cox & Amanda Touse
Stage Managers  
Meara LeFevre & Trinity Rich
Lead Scenic Designers  
Lucas Cochran & Kara Hammond
Lead Construction Designer  
Trinity Rich  
Scenic and Construction Crew  
Gabby Barton, Norah Beckwith, Paige Bouleris, Gabrielle Clough, Meghan Cosh, Alex Eaton, Madison Farr, Morgan Gardunia, Meara LeFevre, Abby Seaman, Gretel Seaman, Ariel White
Set Construction Advisors  
Mr. Troy Cochran, Mr. Ed Harrington
Special Projects Consultant  
Mr. Kingsley Greene  
Light Designer  
Gretel Seaman  
Lucas Cochran, Madison Farr, Morgan Gardunia
Sound Designer  
Mr. Chris Reed, Jr.  
Gabby Barton, Norah Beckwith
Properties Manager  
Mrs. Judy Henrich  
Ms. Lisa Capone, Mrs. Heidi Gardunia, Mrs. Donna Hillebrandt, Mrs. Cynthia Stambach
Production Logo Design  
RedHedz Graphic Design  
Promotional Photography  
Lauren Hunn from Laurenkeepstime  
Lead Parent Producer  
Mrs. Donna Hillebrandt  
Ms. Laurie Alden  
Mrs. Stacy Sarti  
Front of House Coordinator  
Mrs. Jennifer Eggleston  
Parent Volunteers  
Ms. Debbi Holden, Mrs. Cady Kilpeck, Mrs. Julie Osakowicz


Sincere thanks to the many parent volunteers not credited above who dedicated time and resources to this production! 



Stage 42's graduating seniors identify educators who were influential in their development as students. This year, our cast recognizes the following South Glens Falls educators:


Mrs. Sarah Anderson, Ms. Karen Carayiannis, Mr. Tom Hansen, Mr. Kristian Keller, Ms. Annee Marino, Mrs. Stef Music, Mrs. Jaime Thompson, Ms. Keri Lyn Walsh


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