All Together Now! - November 12 - November 13, 2021

Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School


It has been a long road building this program to where it is. We have put together something special for all people to be a part of. In the word of someone dear to this program's directors, "we save lives" with this program. We give a place for all to come and be accepted, not just to perform. In that spirit, we would like to thank the following people:


  • Superintendent Luis Lopes and Principal Leslie Weckesser for their continued and unwaivering support of the program & allow us the creative independence to grow.


  • To the district office team who help us make sure we are in-line as a program - Deb Cabral, Sandra Gallagher, Erika Kramer, Paula Lloyd, Holly McClanan, Patrick McIntyre, Mark Morris, Karen Jelloe, and Deb O'Connell.


  • Our administration who has given their time and donations to fundraisers and events including Courtney Trinh, Joann O'Brien, Robert Foley, Mary Kobey, Daniel Tripp, Christina Guarini, Joanne Boucher, Catherine Tuccinardi, and Matthew Zajac


  • To the facilities and janitorial team who has provided us with resources and moral support through every production including Scott Nelson, Robert Reilly and their whole team.


  • To the administrative support team members who have put up with our communications and nonesense during school and afterschool including Ingried Alphonse, Lisa Bodio, Viana Mendoza, Terri Tello, Ana Motta, and Anne Griggs.


  • To our nurses for their support of our students and being the best neighbors imaginable when things get loud and musical - Tammy Tisdelle, Kyla Almeida, and Elizabeth Sirr.


  • To the guidance and behavior team members who have helped keep our students grounded and supported including Elsa Fernandes, Melanie Altrich, Elsa Fernandes, David Joseph, Adina Ho Eng, Gwen Nauls, Erica Sasville, Daniel Erickson,  Bob Umano, Kevin Rose, Dominique Williams, Derek Ferris, James Gatenby, and Kerri O'Malley.


  • The IT team who has put up with the myriad of technical issues we have thrown at them - Luke Weathers, Brian Lutton, Mark Pigeon, and Patrick Cleary.


  • To our friends from other vocational programs who have come out to support our events and programs including Chef Caryn Peterson, Chef Scott Tessier, Jenni Enos, Karen Kelliher, Abigail Masi, Wade Gomes, Joshua Gower, Jennifer McNally, Angela Basse, Christopher Comeau, Christine Gauthier, Briana Brown, Maddie O'Shea, Darla Leighton, Heather Stoddard, and Kim Berglund.


  • To our academic colleagues who show up for every show and help our students when they need it - Christine Garabedian, Jordan Shadburn, Pam Regan, Traci Carney, Kate Augusto, Shannon Cleary, Jessica Couto, Deb Cofond, Kelly Cutner, Lauren Gallant, Paul Izzo, Peter Valente, and Kay Manigan.


  • To our patient family members who come to every show and stick with us when times get rough - Joshua Crossen, Priscilla Crossen, Megan Fernandes, and Christopher Spencer.


  • To the parents of our students who drive them to rehearsals on weekends, who listen to them practice in nauseum, and support them as they further their skills and passions.


  • Finally, the students who have helped build this program to where it is today! Without their love and dedication, this program would not have become what it is today. They helped open the doors to new possibilities and greeted the challenge each year head on. Every year, we present the challenge of how we can "step things up" and we can think of no better group of students to face this challenge with. 

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