Songs For A New World - November 21

Southern Arizona Performing Arts Company


The New World  
Erin Thompson, Todd Thompson, Christopher Esguerra, Maria Albertus
On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship, 1942*  
Marcus Terrell Smith
Just One Step  
Jacinda Rose Swinehart
I'm Not Afraid Of Anything  
Crystal Stark
The River Won't Flow*  
Charlie Hall & Matthew Holter
Stars and the Moon  
Liz Cracchiolo
She Cries  
Tyler Wright
The Steam Train*  
Eric Zulu
The World Was Dancing*  
Jeremy Vega
Surabaya Santa  
Katherine Byrnes
Christmas Lullaby  
Jodi Darling
King of the World  
Miguel Jackson
I'd Give It All For You  
Erin Anderson, Jacob Brown, Jake Walters, Jacque Williams
The Flagmaker, 1775  
Mara Capati
Flying Home  
Chach Snook & Marquez Johnson
Hear My Song  
Brianna Barnhart, Chelsee Hicks, Dennis Tamblyn

*Backups by Brianna Barnhart, Chelsee Hicks and Dennis Tamblyn

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