Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR. - November 20 - November 22, 2020

Spotlight Performing Arts Academy

 Who's Who 

  • Trevor May head shot

    Trevor May

    as Beast

    Trevor May is so excited to be performing yet again at Spotlight under the brilliant direction of Angela Gordon Mills and is so happy to finally be playing the Beast which he has dreamed of playing since he was young. He hopes everyone enjoys the show!

  • Jocelyn Cabaniss head shot

    Jocelyn Cabaniss

    as Belle

    Jocelyn Cabaniss is a senior majoring in theater at UNC Charlotte. She has been in numerous shows around Charlotte in roles such as Ilse in Spring Awakening, Fiona in Shrek, Julie in Carousel and Young Little Edie in Grey Gardens. She would like to thank Angela for this wonderful opportunity! 

  • Jessica Rubino head shot

    Jessica Rubino

    as Belle

    Jessica is 20 years old and this is her 7th show at Spotlight. Jessica has really enjoyed participating in the productions as well as helping out with the recent summer camps. She wants to thank Angela for giving her amazing oppurtunities as well as encouraging her. She is thankful to experience such dream roles with her sister Naomi.

  • Zach Workman head shot

    Zach Workman

    as Maurice

    Zach Workman is currently working 2 jobs and this is his first show at Spotlight. He enjoys theatre and has been performing since middle school.

  • Holden Flitcraft head shot

    Holden Flitcraft

    as Lefou

    Holden is twelve years old and has been doing Spotlight for over five years now. While doing acting he spends the rest of his time playing sports, playing video games, and being with friends and family. In some of his past plays he has been Sven, Christoph, Mr. Warbucks and many more.

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