The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - June 14 - June 23, 2019

Spotlight Theatre Productions, Inc.


Alan Calabrese (Ensemble) has been performing with Spotlight Theater for the past 20 years. He has been in 36 musicals as well as Broadway Reviews. He works at ShopRite in Cortlandt Manor. Once again, he is thrilled to be a part of the Spotlight family. He thanks Pat, John, cast, and family for their support. Break a leg!


Amanda Bohlmann (Ensemble) is thrilled to be back onstage with Spotlight Theatre after most recently appearing as Lisa (Mamma Mia)! Other credits include Candy (Zombie Prom), Juror 4 (Twelve Angry Jurors), Mrs. Cohen & others (RENT), & Ensemble (Bonnie & Clyde). Love and thanks to mom, dad, Marisa and the entire cast and crew of Spelling Bee!


Angelina Carlos-Caceres (Ensemble), is a 13-year-old who loves writing, acting and singing.This is her second show with Spotlight. She is so excited to be a part of this fantastic show and she hopes you enjoy!


David Lowell (Douglas Panch), is a veteran with Spotlight Theatre reprising his role as Douglas Panch in Spelling Bee. Other favorite performances were the Bad Idea bear from Avenue Q, Carmen Ghia from The Producers, and Moonface Martin from Anything Goes. He would like to dedicate these performances to his mother, Margot Lowell, who passed away April 2019.


Debbie Mellone (Ensemble / Choreographer) is thrilled to be part of the Spotlight family. This is her 12th show with STP that she choreographed. She thanks Pat and John for this wonderful opportunity. A big shout out to this wonderful cast. Thank you for all the hard word. Debbie also wants to thank her wonderful husband and two children for their support thanks her daughter Stef for sharing the stage.


Donna Ventarola (Musical Director) Spelling Bee marks her 6th production with Spotlight as Spotlight’s Musical Director, contributing to the success of The Producers, Spotlight’s 20th Anniversary Show, Avenue Q, and most recently Mamma Mia! Donna is a Senior Practice Administrator for the Dept. of Surgery at Weil Cornell Medicine in Manhattan, & a mom of three wonderful children. She's thrilled to work again with this incredible production team & cast, and looking forward to many more shows with this amazing group!!


John T Leonard (Olive's Dad / Ensemble / Ass't Director/Choreographer) is so excited to be a part of the second talented castof Spelling Bee. Working with some of the members from the original cast and all the fantastic new comers has been unforgettable.  It has been a pleasure working with this company for the past 20+ years. The talent has been the best in community theatre and the friendships to match. This show is dedicated to our biggest fans up ABOVE, Frank B., Gerren F., & Margo L.  You are missed.  Finally to my stepfather, Bob get better we miss you.  Love to all. 


Jordyn Morgan (Olive Ostrovsky) is thrilled to be back with this amazing company! She was Sophia in Spotlight’s Mamma Mia. Her credits include Off Broadway: Molly Barnes (The Long Rail North) Regional: Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz), Helen (The Miracle Worker), Anna (Beets and Liesl) & in The Sound of Music she played all the Von Trapp girls and won the Best Young Adult in a Musical Award.


Laura Braun (Production Stage Manager) is glad and excited to
be stage managing SPTNY's production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Previous STPNY Productions include The Producers, Avenue Q and Mamma Mia. As always a special thanks to her family for all of their support.


Lia Pila (Logainne "Schwarzy" SchwartzandGrubenierre) is from Hamburg, New Jersey and attends Manhattanville College as a Music Education Major. She has done numerous shows starting in the fifth grade. Some of her favorite credits include Bambi (Curtains), a Silly Girl (Beauty & the Beast), and Aquata (The Little Mermaid). She is very excited to make her Spotlight Productions debut as Schwartzy!





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