Seussical Jr. - October 16 - October 24, 2023

Spring High School

 End Notes 

Director’s Note


Well Good Evening (or Good afternoon if it is)

And Welcome to our little slice of showbiz!

Our talented cast’s getting ready right now

To make you say “Jeepers!” and “Golly” and “Wow!”

From the Cat in the Hat and the Sour Kangaroo

From Mayzie and Gertrude and the People of Who.

To Horton, the Bird Girls, and Wickershams too,

We’ve worked long and hard to bring this show to you!

And oh, it’s been fun,

Yes, it’s really been great.

To work with these kids ev’ry night until late.

To watch them create all the things I think of

Reminds me…

I LOVE what I do and do what I love.

I’m so proud of this cast and my true blue crew too. 

And I hope that you’ll love them as much as I do.

I think that you will, If I am perfectly frank,

But first there’s a couple of people to thank…

To Makaila, who rehearsed all the tunes,

On most evenings, and some afternoons

To Daniela and Katie, and Janessa too,  for costumes and lights,

And our prop maker parents  who worked with great might.

To our Dear Ms. Courtney who never forgets a step touch, or samba she never misses yet.

To  our awesome Janessa and Josie too, intrepid SM and ASM,

And Robert and Natalie whose beautiful set is a gem,

To Stephanie, Jennifer, Pam, and Jessica, who worked with great care

And our Sound girls, Laila and Michelle who has volumes to share

And that is all I know, I’ll stop bending your ear.

Now on to the reason that you all are here…

 Let Seussical thrill you and keep you in thrall

And Remember…

A Person’s a person, No matter how small!

Marilyn Ocker – Director


Additional Special Thanks:

JD Guzman who keeps us sounding crisp and clear, Sean Ocker who gives me great cheer, Paula Velasquez who keeps our money straight,  Sharna Shirl and the Main Street BAptist Church in Houston for keeping us looking great with costumes and sets to spare, and CYT for the great props.  Our Lion Players Theatre Parents, who fed us and gave us what to work throught the long days and nights!!! We thank you, We Thank you, We thank you!!

We would like to send a special thanks to the Boosters and Parents who worked on work days to make this show possible.


And Thanks also to:


Spring ISD Administration and School Board
Joe Clark – Performing and Visual Arts Director

David Landgrebe – Assistant PVA Director

Johnny Williams – Arts Integration Coordinator

 Principal -  Jalen Hemphill
At Risk Principal - Mr. Duncan

Dr. Tran

Heather Clark

Darcy Clark

Darcy's teachers at Northgate Crossing 

JD Guzman



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