Sense and Sensibility - April 23 - April 25, 2020

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

 Who's Who 

  • Katherine Walker head shot

    Katherine Walker

    as Elinor Dashwood

  • Julia Barrist head shot

    Julia Barrist

    as Marianne Dashwood

    is exuberant to be returning for her 6th Players show in the role of Marianne Dashwood! She has participated in the cast for each of her 6 shows, including roles such as Zackie Salmon in The Laramie Project, Mrs. Michaels in Radium Girls, June in Chicago (AKA squish), as well as a featured dancer in every other show. She would like to thank her friends and family for letting her speak in a British accent at all hours of the day, Alivia Angelos for being the best doctor of all time, and her Players family for making Tik Tok dances with her and being her homies.

  • Sarah Shoff head shot

    Sarah Shoff

    as Margaret Dashwood

    is so so so excited! to be participating in her 2nd players show as Margaret Dashwood. Sarah has previously participated in Chicago: High School Edition. Sarah's experience in Players has already been so fantastic, and she can't wait for more years to come :). Much love to Lizzie, mom, dad, all of her grandparents, Stacie, and Finty <3.

  • Pere Jaeger head shot

    Pere Jaeger

    as Mrs. Dashwood

    is thrilled to be participating in her 4th players show. In the past, Pere has been a part of the ensemble in both Mamma Mia! and Chicago, and played the role of Marie Curie in Radium Girls. Her players experience so far has been beyond amazing and she would like to thank her family for supporting her, and the whole players community for always being there when she needs it.

  • Sam Halfpenny head shot

    Sam Halfpenny

    as John Dashwood

    Is excited to be a part of another spring production in Players, with a particularly interesting role. In the past, Sam has been a part of the ensemble for Chicago, and played Dr. Von Sochocky in Radium Girls, alongside participating in crew for Mamma Mia! Sam would like to thank his mom and his friends for pushing him to first join players, and for helping make it his favorite part of school.

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