Into The Woods JR. - March 13 - March 15, 2020

St. Augustine


Scene I - Prologue
Opening Part 1  
Narrator, Cinderella, Jack, Baker, Baker's Wife, Stepmother, Florinda, Lucinda, Little Red Ridinghood, Jack's Mother
Opening Part 2  
Baker, Baker's Wife, Little Red Ridinghood
Opening Part 3  
Narrator, Jack, Jack's Mother
Opening Part 4  
Narrator, Baker, Baker's Wife, Witch
Opening Part 5  
Baker, Baker's Wife, Witch
Opening Part 6  
Narrator, Witch
Opening Part 7  
Stepmother, Cinderella, Cinderella's Father
Opening Part 8  
Baker's Wife, Baker, Cinderella, Narrator
Opening Part 9  
Baker, Baker's Wife, Cinderella, Jack, Jack's Mother, Little Red Ridinghood, Stepmother, Florinda, Lucinda, Cinderella's Father
Scene II
Cinderella at the Grave  
Cinderella, Cinderella's Mother
Hello, Little Girl  
Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood
I Guess This Is Goodbye/Maybe They're Really Magic  
Jack, Baker's Wife, Baker
I Know Things Now  
Little Red Ridinghood
A Very Nice Prince  
Cinderella, Baker's Wife
Scene III
Giants in the Sky  
Cinderella's Prince, Rapunzel's Prince
It Takes Two  
Baker, Baker's Wife
Scene IV
Stay With Me  
Witch, Rapunzel
On the Steps of the Palace  
Scene V
Ever After  
Narrator, Company

Some Reminders:


Please set your cell phones to mute as they are extremely distracting to the audience as well as the young actors. 


Between acts, there will be a 15-minute intermission.  Please visit our concessions stand to enjoy a delicious treat in support of the musical! 


We hope you enjoy the show!

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