The Sound of Music - May 17 - May 18, 2024

St. Edward School

   Director's Notes  

As one of the most beloved musicals of all time, we are honored to share this presentation of The Sound of Music with you today! Based on the true story memoir of Maria Augusta Trapp, it has been an exciting challenge to balance the complexities and joy of the music, as well as the humor and horror involved with this inspirational story from our global history. We have curated and presented this arrangement with thought and care, shaping our own understanding of the moral dilemmas and compassion of these real-life characters through the love of God and love for all our neighbors of the world.


As a child, I struggled with understanding how this story was able to carry such a juxtaposition. I could not understand how one could sing with such joy while atrocities surrounded them. But, through time and experience, I have grown to have such a clearer picture of the strength that Maria and Captain von Trapp were able to provide for their family and friends. I learned that allowing joy and love for others within each of us starts to grow the hope and possibilities for a better future of love and understanding for all. 


Finding a balance between order and freedom, joy amongst sadness, and bravery while frightened, is something that is so essential to our growth as humans in a shared world. Sometimes, it can feel unbearable when we feel the weight of it all as individuals. But, when we are able to bond and connect with others, we can find support that allows us to change the world into a place of love and comfort that can never be taken away. 


My hope, through this production, is that we are all better able to learn from the history that preceded us. We are stronger and more capable than we realize and we can continue to bring light to all the darkness that we encounter. And I pray that we never lose our hope for the love and beauty that is available to us on this journey of life.


-Ms. Meg 

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