Radium Girls - January 25 - January 27, 2018

St. Francis Borgia Regional HS


Crew Members  
Braden Hoevelmann
John Post
Jamie Kopmann
Andrew Struckhoff
Ainsley Virtudazo
Madeline Cook
Ryan Kluesner
Brooke Lange
Jacob Lierman
Addison Wiskur
Grace McKinnis
Hayley Durbin
Lauren Dedert
Gretchen Lampe
Isabella Overman
Kylie Sullentrup
Veronica Weiskopf
Zachary Frey
Chloe Atkins
Paige Pelster  



Photography or recording of this production by any means is a violation of copyright laws and is strictly prohibited.


Please turn off all cell phones. Glowing screens will distract those around you and the radio signal could interfere with the theatre's sound system. Anyone using a mobile device for any reason during the show will be asked to leave the theatre. 


Please remain seated during the performance. If you must leave the theatre don't expect to be re admitted until directed by an usher. 


Food and drinks are also prohibited from entering the theatre. 


Thank you for your cooperation. 

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