In the Heights - March 14 - March 23, 2024

St. Pius X - St. Matthias Academy


Many thanks to:


MASSIVE thank you to Jeric De Leon for going above and beyond to help bring this set, and piragua cart, to life!


Thank you to Oscar Lopez & Silvia Origel for providing additional tools.

Acey Decy Lighting for their generous support, especially the one and only Bruce Cooper!


Thank you to all the parents who volunteered for building, painting, providing dinners, etc:


Krystina Aguirre

Henry Bersales & Jennifer Galindo

Elizabeth Casas

Jose & Valerie Curiel

Jazmin Galicia

Melvin Galicia

Jennifer Galindo

Ana & Jaime Granados

Ana Hernandez

Nadia Hernandez

Liz Marquez

Lorenzo Molina

Paulina Morales

Monica Munoz-Diaz

Yesenia Ramirez

Baltazar Rodriguez

Elizabeth & Jorge Sanchez

Chris Shararian

Greg Villagrana & Claudia Rodarte






Like what you saw here tonight? Have you been wanting to get involved but not sure where? Do you love the arts and have a desire to help? We would love to have you join us on the next production!


Interested? Please email

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