Frozen Jr. - January 16 - January 18, 2020

Stage Dreams Youth Theater

  Director's Note  

In Greek, there are six different words for love. Eros: love of beauty, or “love at first sight,” Agape: charitable love, Philia: platonic love, or love of friends, Storge: familial love, Pragma: long-lasting love, and Philautia: love of self. So often, particularly in fairytales, but often in life as well, all other forms of love are set aside for Eros to take the reins. Romantic love is held in higher esteem than love of family, friends, or even self. And therein lies what is so very special about the story we tell today. In Frozen Jr, we explore all different kinds of love, and the power they each contain. Eros, in turn, takes on a more villainous identity; illuminating the dangers of impulsive love, and allowing the other forms a moment of recognition for their strength and import. 


I hope you find this story as comforting and empowering as I have. It is a wonderful thing, to watch a tale of family and friendship grow and evolve, both on stage and within the casts. This show requires heart. More than any Junior show I’ve ever been a part of, it demands connection to the text, and connection to one another. We have seen so many bonds created through rehearsals, and watched your children grow into more well-rounded artists in the process. Stories like Frozen Jr. create families out of friends, and I hope we can extend that family to you today. 


So we invite you to sit back, relax, and bundle up (unless the cold never bothered you anyway), and enjoy Disney’s Frozen Jr. 




Meija Eller




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