The Holiday Channel Christmas Movie Wonderthon - December 08 - December 11, 2021

Steele Canyon High

 It takes a village! Many Heartfelt Thanks To.... 

...The parents of our cast members for their commitment and support in their students and this production!

...Heather Luck for her dear friendship, collaboration, expertise, and shared love of theatre.

...Beverly Claar for her wonderful friendship, expertise, and tremendous commitment to our department as our Technical Director. You rock!

...Alum, Ella Ramsey, for returning to the Steele Canyon Players to join the production staff as a technical assistant/intern.  Her passion for all things “tech” is undeniable!  Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, talent and kind spirit with our department.

...Alum, Mary Rose Vadeboncoeur, for returning to the Steele Canyon Players to join the production staff as our vocal director/coach.  Thank you for the passion, professionalism, inspiration and wealth of knowledge you bring to our department. You are a treasure! 

....Rebecca Seiley, from scouring thrift stores for Holiday sweaters and Christmas trees to constructing the wolf costumes - you always ensure all of our costume needs are met!  You have incredible vision and we are so grateful for you!

...Our very own Steele Canyon Musicians for their collaboration, dedication and wonderful accompaniment. 

...Our Production Leads -  Justin Chavez (Stage Manager), Gavin McDowell (Assistant Stage Manager), Olivia Montgomery (Assistant to the Director), Quaint Brown (Sound Technician).  So very proud of each of you and grateful for your positivity, leadership, dedication, and support in all aspects of the production.

...Our incredible team of student technicians for their passion and commitment to the many sides of technical theatre.  You are integral to the production value of our show.  Thank you for making the magic happen!

...The SCHS Administration for promoting excellence in the arts, and supporting the work in our department.

...Phil Doucet (Alum parent) for capturing headshots of our all-star cast, musicians and crew!  Thank you for making us look good!  So appreciate your continued support of our department and friendship years after graduation:)

...Jennifer Doucet (Alum parent) for assisting with photo printing, program layout and editing, booster questions, etc.!  Ever so grateful for you, your friendship and your continued willingness to help out with any of our department needs!

...Amethel Parel-Sewell for the incredible cast photo! Your beautiful work is a treasured keepsake for us all.

...Ricardo Lopez for 7-days-a-week assistance with facilities, deliveries, etc., and the custodial staff for their patience in working around us (literally)!

...The Steele Canyon Players Drama Booster Board, Lindsay McDowell (President), Jennifer Stinebaugh (Vice President), Audrey Gardner (Secretary), Kimberly DeLoriea (Treasurer), and Adriana Cario Castillo (Member at Large/Concessions) for their friendship, tremendous support and incredible commitment to the Theatre Department at Steele Canyon.

...Denise Jones for her support and involvement in department needs and events.

...“Drama Mama”,  Kathlene Billings for her continual love and support of our department with all things backstage - costumes, props, supervision, etc.  We are so lucky to have you!

...The Steele Canyon Players Drama Club Student Board for their leadership, support, and dedication to the Drama Department.  You are an amazing team!

...Charlotte Matthews for adding a publicity/ticket ordering link to the schscougars homepage and Paw Prints Newsletter!

...The Jones Family & Krucharczyk/Montgomery Family for the delicious meals they provided during our extended rehearsals.

...Campus Security for their assistance on show nights.

...Mr. Dorsha and the Broadcasting class for promoting our show through their stories in the daily broadcast.

...Lauren Ritchey-Moyer, Jenny Serban, and ASB for their assistance with finances, ticket sales, show promotion, and use of the concession area.

...Kimberly Espino for Xeroxing our programs. So thankful for your support.

...My incredible husband for his immense support and encouragement in all I do, as well as his passion to make the audio of the show just perfect in order to showcase these talented kids.  Love you!

...My children who have grown to be incredible humans and have been a constant source of inspiration to me. Love you!  


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