Stratford Arts & Culture Festival - 2019 Phoenix Season - September 07 - September 08, 2019

Stratford Forward
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Artistic Director

Tom Edmond Evans


Techical Director

Joshua Tillotson

Executive Director

J. Sibley Law


Development Director

David Chess


Asst. Artistic Director

Yasmin Thornton

Producing Director

Elizabeth Saint


Volunteer Director

Rosemary Martin Hayduk


Production Team

Orna Rawls, Rachel Rusnak, Marca Leigh, Joe Saint, June Holzworth


Special Thanks to Adam Brill, Monica Brill, Elaine Watson


We are proud to welcome you to the inaugural Stratford Arts & Culture Festival. When the American Shakespeare Festival Theatre was destroyed by arson on January 13th, many asked what would happen next. Today, we begin to answer that question with our reborn Festival, themed “Arts from the Ashes.” Hence, 2019 is our Phoenix Season.


Where the theatre once stood, SACF: Phoenix Season will run the weekend of September 6–8, 2019, and includes theater, dance, and music performances on numerous stages, artisans and art installations, food, and activities and performances for children. The SACF is funded through private and corporate donations on the backs of tireless fundraising efforts from the town and Festival board.


The American Shakespeare Festival Theatre, which opened in 1955, was a national landmark and became a mainstay for educational trips through much of the 20th Century. Many Tony Award winning productions began in the storied building, featuring the work of Katharine Hepburn, James Earl Jones, Christopher Plummer, and even Christopher Walken’s first non-singing-and-dancing role.


Festival Producer, J. Sibley Law: “This festival will be the first step in our rebuilding process. If you’ve spent time in the Shakespeare Theatre or in the beautiful park where it once stood, you know how special this place is. We will harness that energy, and the arts will rise again in Stratford.”


Mayor Laura Hoydick. “Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for bringing the arts back to life at the Shakespeare property.”