Disney's Alice in Wonderland JR. - June 08 - June 11, 2018

Stuart Hobson Middle School

 8th Grade Final Curtain 

  • Nyela Brown head shot

    Nyela Brown

    as Caterpillar

    Nyela is a triple threat. She can sing, dance, and act! Nyela has served as a leader for many of the fledgling actors by demonstrating that committment and work ethic combined with talent will push you towards your dreams. Nyela will be attending Duke Ellington in the fall. 

  • Aiden Dozier head shot

    Aiden Dozier

    as Mad Hatter

    Aiden brings exuberant energy to every project he is involved. With his natural charisma, witty personality, and comedic timing Aiden is truly a leading (young) man. His future is bright and will be ripe with opportunities. Aiden will be attending Duke Ellington in the fall. 

  • Jacob Jackson head shot

    Jacob Jackson

    as March Hare

    Jacob is making his acting debut in this production of "Alice in Wonderland, Jr."  by playing the March Hare. Jacob brings his unique personality to the role and also showcases his deep baritone singing voice which qualified him to be accepted into Duke Ellington's vocal department in the Fall. Good luck Jacob! Make us proud!

  • Heaven Roach

    as Mathlilda

    Heaven is one cast member that can be seen filling in for any vacant role. Her flexibility and willingness to step outside of her own comfort zone makes her a valuable member. This is Heaven's second SH production. She played an "oompa loompa" in the fall and currently plays Alice's older,  book-loving sister "Matilda".  Thanks Heaven for your dedication to our productions. 

  • Nia Alsop head shot

    Nia Alsop

    as Queen of Hearts

    Nia's star is growing brighter and brighter. She is a songstress and actor  who is ready to take the world's stage by storm! Nia is best known for her role as "the Witch" in "Into the Woods, Jr" and of course her present role as the "Queen of Hearts". Nia will be attending Duke Ellington in the fall. We hope to see you on Broadway, Nia!

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