The Mad Ones - June 16 - June 25, 2023

Studio Theatre Worcester


The Girl Who Drove Away  
We're Just in Your Mind  
Sam, Kelly, Beverly, Adam
Sam, Kelly
Ordinary Senior Year  
Sam, Kelly
My Mom is a Statistician  
Sam, Beverly
Sam Failed Her Driver's Test  
Sam, Kelly, Beverly, Adam
Top Ten  
Sam, Kelly
Memory Jumble  
Kelly, Beverly, Adam
Simple As That  
Sam, Adam
The Proposal  
Sam, Kelly, Beverly, Adam
Sex on the Brain  
There Was a Party  
Sam, Kelly
The Mad Ones  
Sam, Kelly
The Sun  
Guidance Counselor  
I Know My Girl  
Beverly, Adam
Miles to Go  
Say the Word  
Sam, Adam
In My Dream  
Moving On  
Sam, Kelly, Beverly, Adam
Go Tonight  
Sam, Kelly
Yellow SUV  
Run Away With Me  
Sam, Kelly, Beverly, Adam
I Didn't Say Goodbye  
Remember This  
Sam, Kelly, Beverly


Studio Theatre Worcester would like to extend additional acknowledgement and appreciation to the following people who helped support this production is various capacities:

     Bill & Joyce McGourty, for lending us several props

     Sara Peters, for baking fresh, delicious cookies to use in the production

     Amy Mae Photography, for capturing photos of our production

     Brittany Plante, for her assistance across many areas behind the scenes

      Cristiano Lourenço, Jr., for capturing/editing video conent for social media

     Suzy Langenvin (Open Sky), for hosting our webinar "Sometimes You Don't Get to Say Goodbye: The Mad Ones - Coping with Grief and Loss"

     Amanda Gibbons (Open Sky), for working the technology behind the webinar


      .....and our post-show conversation panelists: John Monfredo, Suzy LangevinMark Nilson, Megan Paluzzi, Bryant Cortes


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