Puffs - November 17 - November 19, 2022

Syosset High School


~YEAR 1~  
Welcome to the Puffs
The Feast
Back in the Common Room
A Trio is Born
Wayne and Cedric
The End of the Year
~YEAR 2~  
Year Two
Dueling Club and Harry Wants to Kill Everyone
More Terror in the Common Room
The Heir of Snakes
A Great Hall Again/End of Year Again
~YEAR 3~  
Year Three
A Great Hall Slumber Party
Field Trip
Letters, Again
~YEAR 4~  
Goblets. Fires.
Not Forgivable Curses
Days Before the First Task
The First Task
Dates for the Ball
A Bathroom
The Yule Tide Ball
The Second Task and the Subtleties of Lake Watching
The Third Task

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