StarSweeper - February 06 - March 02, 2022

Teamtheatre LLC


First and foremost, "StarSweeper: A Human Odyssey" wouldn't have gotten off its feet without the generous donations from the following humans:


Bob and Lois Williams

Maggie Hartman

Lucy Mitchell

Topher Mitchell

Andrea Arnstein

Iris Cepeda

Beth Kujawa

Maeghin Mueller

Fernando Vargas

Leigh Nash

Cara Langston

Kathy Cook

Ryan Ruscitti

Saleemah Sharpe

Stephen J. Brady

Nicole Girard

Ryan Karnemaat

April Tubbs


Cynthia Schmidt

Chris “Freckris” Williamson

Marilou Gloria

Mechy Tal

Charles Chesnutt

Shawn Burnett

Justin Jones

Adam Martin

Samuel Wentzel

Chrysi Sylaidi 

Shelby Harrison

David Strauss

Kate Murray

Jose Llorens

Marina Troy

Scott “Sharky” Hodges

Ashley Croft

Leo Blais


Andrea Madison

Joel Welch

Charles J. Seich

Brendan Mulhern

Ali Valerio

Alyson Lane

Daniel Victor

Timothy Kujawa

Tim Hartney

Bruce Costella

Thaddeus Troy

Brian Evans

Danielle Kase

Kaitlyn Barlow

Shelby Harrison

Vincent E. Van der Velde

Donovan Hu



Also an immense gratitude to The Stella Adler Studio for Acting and to Andrew Picklington for donating rehearsal space to our production. 


Special thanks should also be awarded to:


Glen Duffy, to whom this show is dedicated

Timothy Kujawa, for artistic inspiration and editing

Kat Kemmet, for artistic inspiration and support

Carol Palumbo, for artistic inspiration and support

PO2 Ryan J. Ruscitti, U.S.N., for military research assistance and expertise

Sophie Shrand, "Science with Sophie", for scientific research assistance

Dr. David W. Hogg, Professor of Astrophysics and Astronomy, NYU, for scientific

research assistance and astrophysic/astronomy expertise

Sarah Weiner, for scientific research assistance

Karen Powers, for scientific research assistance

Talia Sepersky, for scientific research assistance

Patrick Troy-Brandt, for military research assistance and expertise

Mukund Wadwah, for scientific research and aerospace expertise

Eli Duffy, for character research and development

Sedona Kujawa, for the inspiration of her name and character

Lauren Arneson, for her artistic inspiration and support

Russell Legaspi, for story support

The Mistport 5, for their support, artistic inspiration, and courage


Another special thanks should go to @gracecallidesigns for designing our playbill images.


Finally, this production wouldn't have happened without Gwendolyn Snow, Dorothea Gloria, Patrick Troy-Brandt, and Nina Troy-Brandt who believed in it. I couldn't have asked for a better team.



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