Almost, Maine - June 27 - June 29, 2019

The 574 Theatre Company


Act 1  
Pete and Ginette
Her Heart  
East and Glory
Sad and Glad  
Marvalyn, Steve, and Waitress
Getting It Back  
Gayle and Lendall
Act 2  
They Fell  
Randy and Chad
Where It Went  
Phil and Marci
Story of Hope  
Hope and Man
Seeing the Thing  
Rhonda and Dave
Pete and Ginette

Production Team


Artistic Director: 

Alex E. Price

Executive Director: 

Joshua Louis Maurer


Technical Director: 

Stacy A. Bone


Production Stage Manager: 

Donald Hunter

Stage Manager: 

Kelli Grosse

Assistant Stage Manager: 

Sidney Sprunger

Props Manager: 

Leah Jordan


Assistant Director: 

Jessica O'Brien


Audio Engineer: 

Tim Matteson



Ash Young


House Manager:

Alex Price


574 Theatre Staff Members:

Director of Patron Services: Melissa Kaehr

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