Coram Boy - December 17 - December 19, 2015

The Beacon School


Mr. Streep, Ms. Lacey, Ms. Oldre, Robert & the rest of the Beacon Staff for trusting us to make great work without censorship.


Erdene Greene, Frank Willow-Rodgers, Danny Markovic & Chun for administrative support, help with printing, marketing, computers, paper, space, moral support and big love. Building Maintanence and Security.


Stan for writing so much beautiful music and for giving so much of his time above and beyond his commitment to choir!


Brian Letiecq for sharing gear, personel and love. 


All of the parents, friends and families who rocked our Amazon Wish List and purchased tools and materials and SNACKS for our semester. 


Victoria and Elizabeth Chatfield, an Erin Hennessy Dean for letting us borrow so many beautiful costumes! 


Kate Craw Quarfordt for being an amazing and inspiring human.


Drew Elliot, not only for magical Boo!, but also for the gift of making those beautiful stairs! (And for singing Messiah with us when you came to the visit!)

Brendan O'Reilly for your fabulous daughter Eibhilin, but also for donating so much lumber so that we could safely level the stage and make it large enough to accomodate this enormous play.  

Kathleen McNenny for rolling in with a suitcase full of creepy baby dolls! And of course for Leslie!


Carly McGeHee for behing awesome and for carrying many class so that Cimato could be in three places at once. 


B'DAT Show Choir, Freshman Project for stocking bake sales with epic yumminess and helping us raise duckets for costumes and supplies. Beacon Theatre Studio Classes for helping with many things technical and otherwise and then always being the first butts in seats when the house opens! The Hairspray cast and crew for making collaboration happen in real time.


The Beacon Parents Association for generously supporting our Teaching Artists and making our program possible. 


This play is made possible by special arrangement with Nick Hern Books Ltd. UK. 


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