Stop Kiss - November 03 - November 05, 2016

The Beacon School

 Special Thanks! 

Ms. Lacey, Robert Mitchell, William Straud the rest of the Beacon Staff for trusting us to make great work in the drama studio without censorship.


Erdene Greene, Frank Willow-Rodgers, Danny & Chun for administrative support, help with printing, marketing, computers, paper, space, moral support and big love.


Building Maintanence and Security for letting us stay late and being so generous with their time.


Brian Letiecq for sharing gear, personel and love. 


Kate Reed and B'QUEER for being awesome.


Lola Diran for the stools and support.


Dale Lally & Cabaret for sharing crews, cubes and everything else inbetween.


Connie McKillion for letting us borrow the wheelchair - every day.


B'DAT Show Choir, Musical Theatre Dance, The Clef Hangers, and the Freshman Project for stocking bake sales with epic yumminess and helping us raise duckets for costumes and supplies. Beacon Theatre Studio Classes for helping with this that and everything and then always being the first butts in seats when the house opens!


Tegan Miller & Keiji Ishiguri for joining our family. We heart you.


Leigh Wallace and Lauren Cohen for letting half of their kitchen become this kitchen.


Michelle Anderson for the coffee table and incidental props.


Mike Cimato for the boombox.

David Brune for moving and donating his couch and plants.

Isaac Brune for making art that ended up on our set.


Nathalie Vassallo for beautiful pictures and patience.


Yue, Karim, Rowana, Eihbilin, Harper, Gemma and the many B'DAT at large folks who helped out here there and everywhere.




Mr. Streep because we really, really miss him.

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