Romeo + Juliet - February 07 - February 09, 2019

The Beacon School


Ms. Lacey, the Beacon Adminstration & the rest of the Beacon Staff for trusting us to make great work without censorship.


Erdene Greene, Frank Willow-Rogers, Chun Hom, and Esther Gross for administrative support, help with printing, computers, paper, space etc. etc.


Super Joe of the sixth floor crew for helping take care of our space!


Sgt Thomas and Building Security for keeping us safe in our art-making haven.


Keiji for creating a beautiful musical landscape for our show and helping develop student composers and designers!


Krista for keeping our bodies safe, goofy and expressive whether we were fighting or dancing.


Keithlyn Parkman for being Verona’s sun.  


Ashanti Johnson for being AWESEOME. We're so proud of you for going to Tisch. 


Hayley Wright for taking such good care of our Freshman. 


Leigh Wallace for supplying us with Lady Capulet’s stunning gown.


B'DAT Alum Elena Garcia Verdugo for stepping in for David. You rock!


The Diretor's Project for donating so many scenic flats that we could make this incredible set from almost completely recycled materials. WHOO HOO!


Isaac Brune for donating his time and helping his dad, David Brune, with carpentry and painting and nurturing our fantastic crew. 


B’DAT Alum who traveled to be here. We hope to make you proud.


Beacon Theatre Studio Classes for helping pinch-hit in the end and always being the first butts in seats! 


The Beacon Parents Association for generously supporting our Music Director and Technical Theatre Teacher so that we can continue to make plays.  


All of our B’DAT parents for lending us not only their brilliant children but their valuable time helping our with Box Office, Sales, Photos and funding to keep our program afloat. B’DAT families bake for sales that pay for costumes and props. B’DAT families give generously to fund the Freshmen Project, the choir, building materials paint, sound equipment, sound engineering and all other stuffs necessary for production. Plainly spoken, B’DAT families make B’DAT possible, so we can continue to sell tickets so we can pay for the next play and continue to learn what we love.


We simply would not be here without their unyielding support.

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