A Christmas Carol Radio Show - December 07 - December 08, 2018

The Cannon Theatre



Note from the Director

We are back again! Each year this beautiful theatre presents a Christmas radio show. The past few years I cannot help myself, I need to come back and direct. This is a time we need to be reminded of the miracle of humanity, the good will we have towards each other. This show holds a dear place in my heart because it directly teaches us this message. The goal for radio shows is to be able to fully immerse the audience, the layers of Foley artistry we are able to add to add to this type of show is fun and exciting. I am fortunate to come back year after year and work with a team of actors and singers who bring to life many characters to help spread Christmas cheer. We hope to lead audiences in remembering the past and learning from it, looking around at our present world, and working towards a better future. Hopefully we can carry the lessons of Christmas all year, as our dear Ebenezer vows to do.


Tara Earl - Director





Our Mission

The Cannon Theatre welcomes audiences and artists of all ages to learn and grow in a fun, collaborative environment. We offer a wide range of theatrical experiences and productions that benefit and entertain our community.





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