Disney's Beauty and the Beast - March 20 - March 21, 2020

The Catholic High School Of Baltimore

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Nya Williams

    Production Booth Captain

    is a senior at TCHS. She has been working stage crew and production since her freshman year. This year she is the Production Booth Captain which means that she oversees all of the workings of the Production Booth --a huge job !

  • Mary Cook

    Assistant Director

    is a Sophomore at Catholic High.  This production was the second of which she acted as assistant director and fourth production overall.  In her past years at Catholic High, she has been both onstage and off and has enjoyed every minute of it.  She would like to thank the cast and crew for being so patient with her throughout the production.  She never would have been able to enjoy what she does so much if it were any other cast or crew,  so she wants to give a big thank you to everyone in this production for making it such an amazing experience.   



  • Emily Eberwein

    Stage Manager

    is a junior at TCHS. Emily has worked on six shows at Catholic High, but this is her first time at being Stage Manager. She would like to thank the cast, production booth pit, Mrs. McGuire and especially the wonderful crew!

  • Meredith Bezdek

    Sinfonia Director

    is a senior at TCHS. She is very grateful to be the Music Director for Beauty and the Beast. Meredith had worked in the pit for a past production. She is very excited to be working with the very talented cast and crew this year. She would like to thank Mrs. McGuire for this opportunity as well as her friends and family for supporting her throughout her journey at Catholic High. 

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