Shadow Work - May 29 - May 30, 2021

The Citadel of Playwrights


Cast Members  
Trinity Lavata  
Elaine Stueve  
Lyla David  
Amanda Ross  
Christopher Milano  
Stage Directions  
Gracie Connell  
Production / Creative  
Christa Retka  
Kristen Ashley Ragusa  
Sound Designer  
Alexander Hewlett  
New Media Coordinator  
Megan Muratore  
Show Painter/Producer  
Joan Milburn  
Original Music "Do You"  
Emma Freeman
Original Music "Icee and Papa Smurf's Sippy Cup"  
Kevin Brown  
Original Music "Dreamgirl"  
whoswyLee @whoswyLee  
Director of Marketing  
Brooke Hall  

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