School of Rock - April 28 - May 06, 2018

The Fleming Island Theater Incorporated

 Director's Note 

Welcome to The Island!


The Island Theater is so happy to have you here with us for our production of School of Rock.  Our theater is a community theater with a mission.  Our purpose is theater education both on stage and for the audience.  Our shows are meant to bring thoughtful purpose to life by telling meaningful stories that connect with our audiences and performers in different ways.


The Island Theater has many programs in which we spread our mission.  Today you are participating in one of our Main Stage productions.  Whether you are in the audinece or reading this liner note backstage, you are part of something great.  We are connecting with each other and gaining a greater understanding of humanity.


Through the fellowship of putting on a production, our performers not only learn how to be better showman but connect interpersonally with people beyond the computer screen.  They learn from the context of scripts as well as their interaction with individuals they may not have met otherwise.  We start each production as a mass of individuals and we become a company of players who cares for more people than the individual does at the start.


Our company extends this fellowship to the audience when the first light comes up but it doesn't end at the last sound of applause.  The amazing moments and even the silly mistakes all work together to create a memory of human interaction the way only live theater can.  It continues as part of our hearts after we leave the building.


By creating this production, we have brought into being more than just a community theater play. We have brought change to our local society by creating connections and new understandings of each other.


School of Rock is a wonderful piece of musical theater that links traditional musical theater with the rich and fabulous world of Rock n' Roll.  It not only makes us laugh but teaches the importance of belonging and accepting each other.  


Every young person in this production has had to work long and hard hours to bring this show to life.  They have been tested, taught and learned things they didn't know before and along the way developed a deeper love for music and theater.  Our actors really play their instruments and have taken a pledge of allegiance to "The Band".


The entire cast of this production is under the age of 18 and this is the original version of the Broadway production.  It is part of The Musical Company's program to encourage the youth of America to engage in live theater and music.  There are a few moments in the show that might be considered a little edgy but our young actors know the difference between stage and home.   They have worked very hard to stay committed to produce the show as intended.  


We are The Fleming Island Theater Incorporated and if we bring a smaile to your face and joy in your heart - we have done our job today.



                                                                  Tricia Williams

                                                                  Managing Director

                                                                  The Island Theater

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