A Fate Worse Than Death - March 19 - March 28, 2021

The Messy Theater Co.


Cast Members  
Dmitri Deleon  
Aaron Arpon  
Emma Jean Jackson  
Sierra Hastings  
Fig Summertree  
Rhikki Cook  
Casey Corona  
Julia Tsang  
Gloria Huang  
Lydia Grimes  
Olivia Rose Nathan  
Phil Stevens  
Leo Goodman  
Sage Wyatt  
Alexandra Montalbano  
Simon Glenn  
Tyler Davidson  
Tara Miller  
Kristen Grace  
Vinnie "Beans" Fagioli  
Thomas Anawalt  
Voice of The Mastermind  
Curtis Andersen  
Production / Creative  
Billie Hassebrock  
Assistant Director  
Stefan James  
Stage Manager  
Anika Nayak  
Stage Manager  
Olivia Browne  
Story Consultant  
Curtis Andersen  
Media Editing  
Frank Mohler  
Playwright Consultant  
Nick Freedson  
Social Media Consultant  
Sophie Schweik  
Sound Design  
Billie Hassebrock  
Community Outreach  
Chantal Santoyo  
Nicole Zahner  

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