Annie - August 03 - August 12, 2018

The Permian Playhouse

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A Note from our President
Dear Supporters of the Permian Playhouse,
I can't believe we're already halfway through our 2018 season! You are in for some real magic, as our classic musical "Annie" takes you from the scorching summer heat of West Texas to Christmastime in NYC!
We could not have brought this story to life without our amazing, hard-working cast and crew of all local volunteers! AND - without YOU! Thanks to your generous support of the playhouse, we continue to grow and thrive in this community! And we're not stopping anytime soon!
We are looking forward to offering even more opportunities for our young people to learn about theatre, continuing to give our aging facility needed upgrades and improvements, and of course, rounding out our year with two more excellent productions.
Thank you for supporting the arts and making the Playhouse a place where we can learn, grow, entertain, educate and inspire our community!
Catherine Daniels
2018 Board of Directors President
A Note from our Director
Thank you for joining us for this production of ANNIE! It is because of your support that we are able to produce shows like ANNIE and many others! Shows like this don't happen by accident and the sacrifice of time, resources and talents from many, many individuals and families are what bring productions like this to life. I have been surrounded by such unbelievable talents both on stage and off stage and I am humbled that they choose to work with me and help to bring this vision of ANNIE to life every performance!
I've always loved the story of the little red headed orphan from NYC who found her home in a place much different than she ever would have imagined. I believe in many ways each of us can connect with Annie's story because each one of us has our own journey of MAYBE that we must travel. The one constant in Annie's life is hope, a hope for a better life, a hope to find her long lost parents, a hope that tomorrow will truly bring a better day! This story of Hope is why Annie is such a timeless piece of theatre and why for several generations the story has been told and retold and I believe will continue to be told for many years to come. Each one of us holds to that precious thing we call Hope, maybe it's the hope for a better tomorrow, the hope for a child, the hope for someone to love, the hope that you will be found. My hope for you is that this story will touch you and you will walk out of our theatre today with a smile on your face and a song in your heart with just a touch more hope and promise than you walked in with today.
Please enjoy this wonderful story that our cast and creative team have been working tirelessly on for several months!
Scott Windham
Director of Annie

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