Sweeney Todd - September 08 - September 17, 2017

The Reilly Arts Center


Crew Members  
Assistant Director  
Kat MacKenzie  
Stage Manager  
Jasper Suskin  
Marcus Allan Cote  
Stage Crew  
Loida Garcia
Dillon Ginner
David Horn
Costume Design  
Jessica Watson  
Costume Construction  
Jessica Watson
Sherece Gerard
Tracy Koehle
Set Design  
Chad Taylor  
Set Construction  
Chad Taylor
Matthew Wardell
Jonathan Seufert
Jasper Suskin
Dillon Ginner
Shannon Guinn
Cody Novotny
George Sologuren
John De Groot
Paint Crew  
Jasper Suskin
Dillon Ginner
Joan Elizabeth
Shannon Guinn
John De Groot
Chad Taylor
Natasha Hererra  
Ralph Demilio  
Poster Design  
Ali Lamoureux  
RAC Executive Director  
Pamela Calero  
RAC Operations Manager  
Casey Fritz  
RAC Event Coordinator  
Theresa Harper  



There will be a 15 minute intermission between acts 1 & 2. We will also be utilizing hypo-allergenic haze/fog during the performance as well as rotating lights and loud gunshots. Please prepare accordingly. Thank you.

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