Disney's The Little Mermaid - June 08 - June 18, 2023

The Royal Players


Special Thanks to:


Birch Tree Communities, MySaline.com, The Saline Courier,

Benton Advertising and Promotion Commission,

Democrat-Gazette, Leadership Saline County Class XVI,

Adam Davis, Darren Tillery, Jackson Blome, Darianne Moll,

and Benton Mayor - Tom Farmer


Advanced Alarm Technologies



Don Spears Law, Attorney at Law



In Acknowledgement of their contribution:

Publicity - Angie Neufer, Carissa A. Lumpkins, Matthew Burns

Playbill - Michelle Alverio, Carissa A Lumpkins

Poster/Playbill Cover - Matthew Burns

Website - Rylee Woodard


Concessions Managers - Kristin Harris and Susie Goldman


Box Office Managers/Reservations-

Susie Goldman, Michelle Griffis, Michelle Alverio


Front of House Volunteers

Lauren Lisowe, Kelly Blome, Michelle Hobbs, Lee Ann Clay, Matthew Welch,

Charlotte Hammonds, Susan Welch, Stephanie Connell, Michelle Griffis,

Hayden Griffis, Toni Lynn Thomas, Phoebe Earles, Shelly Statton, Kaleigh Statton,

Sheilah Shumpert, Lawrence Hobbs, Amanda McAllister, Faith Wilson, Kevin Hunt,

Becky Hunt, Kenzie Hunt, Katrina Taylor, Tina Smith, Alicia Stolzer, Liz Holman, 

Frankie Goldman, Will Holman, Amy Palmer, and Ben Wright



Royal Board Members -

President - Daphne Shoppach

Vice President - Greg Blacklaw

Past President - Susan Dill

Secretary - Carissa A. Lumpkins

Treasurer - Susan Welch

Young Players Representative - Melissa Glover


Hillary Bell, Michelle Alverio, Anglea Whitehead, Carl McBride, 

Michelle Griffis, Chris Owen, Andy Goldthorpe, Adam Davis,

Tony Clay, Bob Bidewell, Mark Garland, Angie Neufer,

Mason Newberry, and Jamie Partain


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