A Doll’s House, Part Two - September 17 - October 09, 2021

The Sherman Players







FOUNDER - $750+


Henry and Trudy Cooperman, Morgan Stanley, Anonymous Donor, The Harcourt Foundation


PRODUCER - $350-$749


Henry Shen and Michael Schaner


DIRECTOR - $150-$349


FRIEND - $25-$149


Patricia Endress, Ann and John Harrigan,

Ed and Marietta Rizzi, Millie Loeb and Steve Roffwarg,

Betsy Scholze, Elizabeth Smith, Ron and Judy Sullivan



                    2021 MEMBERS AND SUBSCRIBERS


Dean Alexander

Matt Austin

Jody Bayer

Gary Blu

Ann Brennan

Ellen Burnett

Hilma Carter

Mary Ann Cheney

Al Chiappetta

Thomas G. Coghlan

Henry & Trudy


Patricia Endress

Loretta Finck

Robin & Stacy-Lee


John & Anne Harrigan

Terry Hawley

Phoebe Hodge-Farmer

Marilyn Lieff

Millie Loeb

Josephine H. Luicci


Chris Marker

Jeanne McRoberts

Lynn Nissenbaum

Ches Plemmons

Ed & Marietta Rizzi

Michael Schaner

Betsy Scholze

Henry Shen

Elizabeth Smith

Polly Stott

Steve Stott

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