Puffs - September 12 - September 22, 2019

The Studio Theatre Little Rock



Puffs Nouns (In seemingly no order)


A CERTAIN SCHOOL OF MAGIC AND MAGIC:  The name of the Wizard School the Puffs attend. You get it.


BRAVES:  Just the best kids at the school.


SMARTS:  These are kids who love books.


SNAKES:  Ambitious. Slithery.  No legs.  Scary.


SNAKES (HOUSE):  A person who could make an adult cry.


PUFFS:  Just the best kids at the something.


MUG BORNS:  Those born of regular 'ol Mugs, but can do the magics.


MAGIC:  ... Really?  You need use to define this?  Oh boy...


DEATH BUDDIES:  A group of friends 4 life, looking for good times, good memories. (Those good times being terrible and horrible things, don't be a Death Buddy.)


ADULT BUTTER BEVERAGE:  A tasty drink to get butterbuzzed on, even if you are thirteen. (Butter responsibly.)


SOUL SUCKING SECURITY GUARDS:  Underpaid and overworked nightmare fiends who are very good at their jobs except when they are not.


MAGIC:  Again?  Uh -- It's the stuff that comes out of the sticks?  We good?


FLAVORED BEANS:  There's lots of them.


SPORTS!!!!:  This was the best we could do.  It's the sports game.  You know.  The one everyone is always going on about, and everyone just happens to be really good at.


THE YULE-TIDE BALL:  A special event which keeps you from going home for Christmas.  AKA what you should call any special event you do around the holidays in association with Puffs.


PIGSMEDE:  This was the best I could do, okay?


MAGIC:  The power of apparantly influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.


Puffs Spells and What They Do


STUPIDIFY:  A spell for stunning.


OLIVE GARDIUM LEVIOSA:  A spell for floating feathers, and that's it.


AVADA KEDABRA:  A spell with a bright green light.  (Really hit that "-DABra.")


ASIO:  Brings things close to you, warning, you may get hit in the face or drop books.  (Pronounced Ah-sio"


SNAKE SPELL:  Summons Snaaaaakes!!


EAT SLUGS:  Summons Sluuuuugs!!


RICKMANSEMPRA:  A scary spell for brilliant man.


LOCOMOTOR LEGS:  Make legs move.  Like... locomotor.


TARANTULA JELLY:  Your guess is as good as mine.

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