Songs For A New World - April 29 - May 01, 2021

The Theatre Collective at Richardson High School


One Act, With No Intermission  
Opening Sequemce: The New World  
Samantha Rindfuss, Ryan Moore, Bryan Lawrenz, Lili Bannister and Company
Opening II: On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship, 1942  
Carlos Gutierrez, Savannah Stringer, Gretchen Kraemer, and Company
Just One Step  
Shelby Breda
I'm Not Afraid Of Anything  
Gretchen Kraemer and Company
The River Won't Flow  
Joshua Ballard, Sam Morales, and Company
Transition 1  
Kira McKnight
Stars and the Moon  
Sydney Bartolome and Company
She Cries  
Anthony Lopez and Heather Lankford
The Steam Train  
Lili Bannister, Lilly Mehari, Isabella Kopek, Kira McKnight, Ava Campbell, and Company
The World Was Dancing  
Warren Mullinnix, Isabella Kopek, and Company
Surabaya Santa  
Savannah Stringer and Company
Christmas Lullaby  
Samantha Rindfuss and Company
King of the World  
Anthony Lopez, Carlos Gutierrez, and Company
I'd Give It All For You  
Warren Mullinnix and Shelby Breda
Transition 2  
Bryan Lawrenz
The Flagmaker, 1775  
Lili Bannister, Ava Campbell, and Kate Waggoner
Flying Home  
Carlos Gutierrez, Lilly Mehari, Sam Morales, and Company
Final Transition  
Lili Bannister, Kate Waggoner, Joshua Ballard, and Company
Hear My Song  
Shelby Breda, Savannah Stringer, Carlos Gutierrez, Anthony Lopez, Samantha Rindfuss, and Company

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