The Sound of Music - November 29 - December 08, 2019

The Theatre Downstream

   Director's Notes   

From Kevin...


I am thrilled to be co-directing another iconic musical with my friend Ashley Raymer- Brown. What most people don’t know is that we have been trying to secure the rights to perform SOM for several years and once secured, I knew that I wanted to be a part of bringing it to life on the TTD stage. The Sound of Music is a celebration of music; the familiar songs are both charming and contagious. The show is also a celebration of relationships. I especially appreciate the inner struggle of Maria as she desires to pursue the Divine purpose for her life and finds it in a place she never considered.


A sincere thank you to the entire production staff who worked endlessly, giving above and beyond expectations to create this memorable production. To Joshua and Emma, you gave such a real depth to the characters of Captain and Maria: I never once got tired of watching you on stage. Max & Elsa, you are truly a delight to watch and listen to on stage. The Von Trapp children, you are exceptional! You took direction like pros and became the family, both on and off the stage that I dreamed you would become.  To my nuns, what can I say, but WOW! I looked forward to listening to your harmonies each and every performance. To my family, thank you for sharing the theater with me and doing it together as a family, especially my love, my wife, Sharla who is my all-time favorite Music Director; you definitely know how to make my heart sing! Bravo, to the entire cast and crew of SOM.  To the audience, enjoy the show and spread the word!

From Ashley...

As Kevin mentioned above, this show has been our long-awaited treasure. We have tried every year since 2015 to produce this show, and every year, the theatre world told us to wait. Now, four years later, I think I understand why. Sometimes, as Sister Margaretta says, “When God closes a door, He opens a window.” That first summer, when the SoM door closed, we produced “Beauty and the Beast” and it put us on the theatre map. And then, every year after, when we felt the SoM door close, a window of opportunity opened with another show and another perfect cast. 

Finally, in early 2019, our miracle occurred. The door if it had simply been waiting for the right people to assemble. We have many new faces to our stage, and what a rewarding, emotional moment for us when people who were strangers a few months ago, are now bonded like a family. What a gift to us, and to the community, to see the arts and our theatre family grow.

I am so thankful to this cast and crew for allowing me to be a small part of their lives and this experience. They have worked at rehearsal and on their own time to make this performance the highest quality possible. It is a success because of them; they deserve all the praise of your applause and appreciation.

My repeat of thanks from Kevin's above, plus my thanks back to he and Sharla for another theatrical journey completed together. To our board, both past and present, for their unwavering support; to Bree for her endless energy for promotions, Megan, Wayne, David, and Liz for their hours of work and outstanding production team contributions, and to Brian for working harder and longer than anyone I've ever met, and giving up nearly his every waking moment just to make our theatre dreams a reality. To his team of weekend warriors, (listed under set construction) I am grateful to you for more than I can fit in print. Finally, to the families of our cast and crew--thank you for sharing your loved ones with us. I am so sorry we kept them out so late during dress week. 

To steal a sentiment from the show, I often wonder what I could possibly have done in my youth or childhood to deserve something as good as TTD. But whatever it was, I am grateful.

Enjoy the show!

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