Always...Patsy Cline - June 03 - June 19, 2022

The Weekend Theater

 Director's Notes 


The Weekend Theater has been producing socially relevant, thought provoking theater for 30 seasons.
Theater has the power to educate and enlighten. Theater also has the ability to entertain. Sometimes when the world itself feels dark, depressing and uncertain, we just need to unwind, enjoy music and laughter.
Always, Patsy Cline won’t create social or political debate. Instead, our hope is that it will help remind us all that love, friendship and kindness matters. Bringing light into the world is as powerful as exploring the darkness.
This cast and crew have been phenomenal to work alongside. Sarah and Patti are equally talented and utterly enjoyable as people and performers. This crew is the best in my 30 year theater career. It was so incredible to get to reconnect with so many theater family and to add new members as well. After a long hiatus due to life’s obstacles, unrelenting viruses and social upheavals, it is been so reinvigorating to collaborate again.

So sit back, tap you toes and please enjoy the music, the laughter and the respite from reality. After the past two years, we all deserve some “Sweet Dreams”.
~Andy Hall

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