The Wiz - September 04 - September 05, 2020

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 Who's Who 

  • Keyonna Washington head shot

    Keyonna Washington

    as Aunt Em

    Keyonna is from St. Louis, MO and has been with Gateway region YMCA for 7 and a half years. She is honored to be the mother to a wonderful 4-year-old little boy. She graduated from Oakville Senior High School and has been involved in music and art since she was a young girl. She participated in Band and Choir in high school. She also had taken interest in the medical field and was given the opportunity to get certified as a CNA while earning her high school Diploma. She then got a job doing home healthcare and working at the local YMCA in her community.

  • Kaia Collins-Crump head shot

    Kaia Collins-Crump

    as Dorothy

    At the age of 9 years old this is the first play performance that Kaia has been a part of and she has really enjoyed herself. Starting the 4th grade this year Kaia is looking forward to what new creative projects she can be a part of.

  • Josh Crump head shot

    Josh Crump

    as Uncle Henry

    Father of two of the young performers and artist in his own right. Enjoys music, movies, sports and most importantly his family.

  • Sade Bonsu head shot

    Sade Bonsu

    as Munchkin 1

    Sade is entering 3rd grade at Lafayette Prep Academy and is delighted to be making her premiere with P.L.A.Y. She has always loved to sing and dance and has been involved in the LPA music club and featured in the school talent show. She is very excited to play a munchkin/kalidah/winkie/citizen in "The Wiz".

  • Nola Frank head shot

    Nola Frank

    as Munchkin 2

    Nola is a sixth grader at Sperreng Middle School and this is her first production with P.L.A.Y. . She has been in the Des Lee Honors Choir as well as Flyers choir for the past two years and she also plays violin in the Honors Orchestra. She is thrilled be playing a munchkin/kalidah/winkie/citizen in "The Wiz".

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