The Diary of Anne Frank - January 24 - January 26, 2019

ThunderRidge Theatre

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Kylene Hurley head shot

    Kylene Hurley


    One object that describes Ms. Hurley is a rose because she looks thorny on the outside but she smells good. And also she and Ellie watch the Bachelor. And also she attracts bees. And also her daughter's favorite color is red. And also Mackenzie's middle name is rose. And also she needs water to live. And also they have layers like artichokes which is her favorite food. 

  • Emily Sickler* head shot

    Emily Sickler*

    Student Director

    This is Emily’s thirteenth show at ThunderRidge High School. Some of her favorite roles in the past include U.S Mrs. Tottendale in the Drowsy Chaperone and Sadie Finch in Up the Down Staircase. She would like to thank Ms. Hurley for giving her this opportunity and for teaching her so much along the way, Pennie Nichol for being the best stage manager a girl could ask for, Jack Adler for taking the time to share his story with us and inspiring us, her parents for putting up with her nonsense, Cati Karr because she’s a star, her fantastic cast and crew for all the hard work they put into this show, and of course, the general techies for all of the thankless work they do. She would also like to thank everyone for coming out to see this show, and hear us tell such an important story. When asked what item best represents her, she responded, “like, a pair of earphones at the bottom of a bag you haven’t used in four years, but y’know in a good way”.

  • Pennie Nichol* head shot

    Pennie Nichol*

    Stage Manager

    Pennie is a senior this year, and this is her 11th show! Her favorite position in the past has been Sound. She would like to thank Hurley for giving her the opportunity do this. Estelle for being an amazing ASM, and the General Tech who have worked so hard and put so much effort into the show. Lastly she would like to thank Nyah, Sophia, and Nicole for always being there. One object that represents who Pennie is, is her Lighting McQueen backpack. KACHOW

  • Estelle Tiongson head shot

    Estelle Tiongson

    Assistant Stage Manager

    Estelle is a sophomore at TRHS and this is her 3rd show! So far, she's not sure what her favorite role is, but maybe after this year she'll decide :) She would like to thank her family and friends for getting her into theatre tech, and of course her cats Loki and Jumin! One object she finds that represents her is a pencil, because she has the ability to create what comes to mind.

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