The Diary of Anne Frank - January 24 - January 26, 2019

ThunderRidge Theatre

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Sophia Kluber* head shot

    Sophia Kluber*

    Set Designer

    Sophia is a junior this year and this is her 8th show. Sophia has previously done assistant set design and general tech. Sophia would like to thank Erin for being such a great co. She would also like to thank Nyah, Pennie, Nicole, and Rylie for always doing their best and working their hardest. Lastly, she would like to thank general tech and the tech director for their dedication and hard work. One object that represents Sophia is her fidget spinner, she brings it everywhere.

  • Erin Savoy head shot

    Erin Savoy

    Set Designer

    Erin is in 10th grade and this is her fifth show with ThunderRidge. Her favorite previous tech position was assistant set design for Up The Down Staircase. She would like to thank all the gen techies and lead tech for putting up with all her antics and to the actors for being pretty chill lads. The one possession that represents who she is would have to be her ukulele, cause she really likes to play it and she loves music a bunch. We love a musical sister, amirite?

  • Rylie Bute head shot

    Rylie Bute


    Hello people of the universe. This person's name is Rylie. She is in 11th grade. Her favoriote role she has played in TRHS theater is Lead Build in most shows. If she was represnted by 1 object it would be a drill. That's all folks!!

  • Craig Bozich head shot

    Craig Bozich


    Craig is in the junior class of 2020 this is his 4th show, he was lead tech for the last show Up the Down Staircase. He would like to thank Peter Young for introducing him to theatre and Collin Sinclair for teaching him how to build. Craig is like his car amazing on the outside, but completely unorganized on the inside.

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