The Diary of Anne Frank - January 24 - January 26, 2019

ThunderRidge Theatre

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Jordan Lee head shot

    Jordan Lee


    Jordan is a senior, and she is thrilled to be joining the cast and crew of the Diary of Anne Frank for her fifth show at ThunderRidge High School. Previously, she has played in the pit orchestra, costumed shows, and attended many ThunderRidge productions. She would like to thank her dog Bubbles for sitting on her lap while she read the play and worked on constructing pieces for the show. The one object that represents who she is is the minute hand of the broken clock in the green room.

  • Sophia Ellis head shot

    Sophia Ellis


    Sophia is a junior this year, and this is her fifth show. Her favorite role was stage managing Up the Down Staircase. She thinks a pencil, no matter how dull, represents her, because she always like to write things down and make lists and schedules.

  • Gabbi Lancaster head shot

    Gabbi Lancaster


    Gabby is a sophomore and this is her 3rd show at ThunderRidge, and she has loved costuming and being your resident loftie. She'd like to thank her parents for putting up with her absolutely insane schedule and her siblings for loving her no matter how much she talks. She'd like to thank all the gen techs and lead tech for living their best lives and making this show possible. She'd also like to thank all the amazing actors for bringing the show to life. She'd like to thank anyone in her life for supporting her and anyone who helped wrangle the mess of the loft. She loves you all!! If she was one object or possession or general concept it would either be PANERA MAC N' CHEESE or like a sunflower because a sunflower is a heckin cool flower.

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