The Addams Family - November 08 - November 10, 2018

Timberland High School

 Actors Who's Who  

  • Joshua Baumgartner^

    Joshua Baumgartner is a freshman and this is his second musical he's been in. He hopes to grow as an actor and a person. Big thanks to Ms. Queen for putting together this show.

  • Clarissa Bruegenhemke*

    Clarissa Bruegenhemke is a junior this year, and this is the fifth show she has been a part of at Timberland. Clarissa is excited to have the opportunity to be able to sing, dance, and act surrounded by the people she loves, and she would like to thank Ms. Queen for letting her be a part of yet another show.

  • Riley Clark*

    Riley Clark is a junior and this will be her third production with Timberland Theatre. She also enjoys participating in the improv shows. She is playing the role of Grandma in "The Addams Family". She loves theatre and everyone in it. She plans on participating in all of the shows. She is very thankful to the cast, crew and above all, Ms. Queen for everything they do for Timberland Theatre. 

  • Marilyn Easley*

    Marilyn Easley is a senior at Timberland and this is her fifth Timberland Theatre production. Marilyn was inducted as a thespian last year and her best memory in theatre was performing on the Fabulous Fox stage for "Spamalot". She plays an ancestor in "The Addams Family". She would like to thank Ms. Queen and Mrs. Dubitsky for helping put on this amazing production. Enjoy the show!

  • Anna Edwards^

    Anna Edwards is a freshman at Timberland High School. She enjoys theatre and has been in two musicals, one at South Middle and one at SLFC. She hopes to go bigger. She is a self-taught dancer but has taken many choir classes. She is very excited for "The Addams Family" this year!

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