Disney's The Little Mermaid JR. - May 14 - May 15, 2019

Todd County School District


Crew Members  
Director and Co-Costumer  
Rhonda Stoecklin  
Assistant Director and Co-Costumer  
Rainee High Crane  
Musical Director and Sound Operator  
Albert Her Many Horses  
Kailee Krege  
Properties Manager  
Cooper Rahn  
Make-up Coordinator  
Madison LaVaille  
Light Operator  
Atlantis Witt  
Stage Crew  
Treasure Gunhammer  
Stage Crew  
Kimie Friday  
Stage Crew  
Hannah DuBray  
Stage Crew  
Isabella Sierra  
Stage Crew  
Jakayla Crow Eagle  
Stage Crew  
Akuwin Young  
Stage Crew  
Katherine Garcia  
Stage Crew  
Esperanza Augilar  
Laila Marshall  
Sunni Young  
Wicahpi Black Moon  
Set Mover  
Kevin Janssen  
Set Mover  
Jesse Stone  
Make-up Crew  
Athena Dwarf  

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