The Addams Family - August 09 - August 10, 2019

Town of Dover Recreation Department

 End Notes 

Thank Yous:


Teri Ptasnick and the Recreation Department: for always believing in the magic of theatre in a child’s life. From always being available for any of our crazy requests to supporting us each year, we thank you! You are helping to mold our future actors, actresses, and technicians.

The Town of Dover Board: Linda French, Rich Yeno, Renny Abrams Jr, Andrew House and Jane Meunier. Thank you for supporting the arts in our community and making this program grow each year. Theatre helps build confidence, and fosters a sense of family and community that is unique and something wonderful to behold.

Andrew House: Thank you for the use of these amazing props. They truly help make our set complete!

Lisa Bonelli: for the endless hours you have spent costuming our cast, we thank you! They are ghoulishly perfect!

Kaitlin Bonelli: for helping build our Cousin It. “It” is awesome!

Shawn Howard and Steve Whitsel: for always being ready to help us out at a moments notice...we thank you! You guys are a tremendous help to us each year, and we couldn’t do this without you!

The Town of Dover Highway Department: for always being available to help us move our sets and always doing it with a smile. You are so appreciated.


Angela Romeo, Jessica Santoro, Mark Santoro, Maria Liveris and Kim Alexander: You are our family. These productions do not happen without many hours of commitment. You all have that in spades. We are so thankful for every single thing you do to make us shine!

The Postman: for the endless Amazon deliveries 


The parents: Thank you for supporting your children and
their love of theatre. We are unable to do any of this without you.

Allie Blades: for helping backstage with hair and make-up

Our stage crew and tech crew: You are all awesome! It is not a glamorous
job, but you help us all look good! Thank you for your commitment!


Our wonderful cast: for the months of hard work and dedication, we thank you. You all have a very special place in our hearts.


Thank you to Mike Tierney, the DUFSD Board, Rudy Abrams and  the Dover Middle/High School Maintenance staff for all your help and allowing us to use their facilities. Many thanks to Justin Stockslager for the use of props!  We appreciate your help always.  



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