Crimes of the Heart - July 12 - July 21, 2019

Treasure Coast Theatre


in order of appearance  
Lenny Magrath  
Brittney Altman  
Chick Boyle  
Ali Kamen  
Doc Porter  
Tyler Sloan  
Meg Magrath  
Chelsea Wenger  
Rebecca "Babe" Botrelle  
Samantha Knight  
Barnette Lloyd  
Joey Pierson  
Production / Creative  
Dawn Achin  
Asst. Director/Stage Manager  
Jennifer Critchlow  
Asst. Stage Manager  
Kristy Marcellaro  
Light/Sound Technician  
Adam Grossnicklaus  
Set Construction & Dressing  
Jennifer Critchlow, Ali Kamen, Joey Pierson, Samantha Knight, Michael Knittel, Brian Pecci, Don Cerciello, Adam Grossnicklaus


With Appreciation


The cast & crew wish to thank the following for helping them commit "Crimes of the Heart":


Habitat for Humanity's ReStore                Don & Wanda Cerciello

Brian Pecci                                             Cameron Critchlow

Gladys Soler                                           Caryn Schneider

Michael Knittel





The Magrath Family Kitchen

October 1974 ~ Hazlehurst, Mississippi


Act 1 - Late Afternoon


~15 Minute Intermission~


Act 2 - Later That Evening


Act 3 - The Following Morning

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