The Best Christmas Pageant Ever - December 09 - December 17, 2022

Trike Theatre

 End Notes 



As the holidays draw near and we begin to get lost in gift shopping and travel planning, it always seems like the spirit of the holiday gets left behind. We start to worry about what dish we’ll bring to the family Christmas party, do I have gifts for everyone, can I afford gifts for everyone, and the holiday season starts to become one filled with superficial worry and anxiety.


When we first meet the Herdmans, we’ll inevitably form a less than flattering first impression. They’re loud, disruptive bullies. But what happens when we push past all of our preconceived notions from what we’ve been told and just give them a chance? Maybe they’re just a family with little means and less support. And maybe because of this they’ve had a judgement placed on them that they’ve had no choice but to live up to. And maybe if we pay attention, we might find that they understand the true meaning of Christmas better than anyone else.  After all, they are the only ones who raised their hands.  


Apart from the general feeling of holiday cheer, I hope that everyone walks away from this show with a more open heart. I think in today's world, with everyone struggling to provide for themselves and their families, it's easiest to harden ourselves to get by, and it's nice to be reminded that we're all in this together.


Thank you all for your support. Enjoy the show. And Happy Holidays!





-Justin Mackey, Director

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever 2022

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