Moana Jr. - August 07

Triple Threat Theater Productions

 End Notes 

Ulu tons mai talafa (Welcome and greetings to you)! - Tokulauan


The Oceanic world of Moana Jr. is one of the most vibrant and enriching cultures and we are honored to celebrate it here. Join us in the epic journey of Moana as she tries to save her village from disaster. Through her journey, she discovers friends, enemies, and herself. We invite you to experience her journey with us and in doing so, discover who we are.


Triple Threat Theater Productions believes that every story we tell reflects a deeper truth about God, the world, and ourselves. The story of Moana encourages us to find joy in who we are meant to be and to take steps of faith while we overcome our fear. As Christians, we have been called from death to life and are instructed to “Put off our old selves, which belongs to our former manner of life...and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.” (Ephesians 4:22-24) Much like Moana, we must find that the old ways of our hearts only lead to destruction but, through Jesus Christ, our hearts can be renewed to make us who we truly are. And only by being who we truly are do we find the life and joy that we so long for. 


We hope that the story told here inspires you as much as it has inspired the directors and campers. We believe that the talents demonstrated in this performance are a true reflection of God’s character and creativity. It has been an absolute joy watching these God-given gifts put on display through these short weeks and we sincerely hope that you enjoy this performance as much as we will.


“Tapenapena!” (Get ready!) - Samoan


Andy Boettcher - Director


About Us


Triple Threat Theater Productions was founded in 2014 by Jessi Barakat, Andy Boettcher, and Brittany Boettcher in the living room of the Boettcher home.  Its first camp boasted of 36 students producing Mulan Jr in just two weeks.  Now entering its seventh year, Triple Threat Theater Productions hosts a number of camps serving over 200 students throughout the entire summer in two locations.   

​Much of the success of Triple Threat can be attributed to its mission to provide excellent theatrical experiences to young people and foster artistic expression within a Christian environment.  We believe that God created all of us to be artistic and creative.  Our goal is to use all of our talents to tell His stories.  Our productions and camps are meant to encourage the unique storytelling talents that we have as image bearers.  Almost every story is rooted in God's truth and we want to show it.  It is our hope that after attending one of our camps, our students feel empowered to walk with God in their art.

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