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A warm welcome to friends, family, and supporters of the arts. My name is Mr. Wainwright, and I have had the pleasure and honor of directing this fine group of budding and aspiring artists. Allow me to start by saying: 


I hate director’s notes. I feel as though the piece should speak for itself and not have to be explained by the creator. But seeing as this is my first intro to the NCMS family, I suppose I should at least give you this welcome! 


Therefore, here are a few logistics you should know before the performance this evening.


We are still in the midst of a pandemic. COVID-19 has changed many lifestyles, and the day-to-day school environment. Drama Club has become an escape for many students so far, and I am thrilled to offer the possibility of doing productions in a safe, sanitized carefully monitored space. 


Over 150 students auditioned to be a part of the first play at Narcoossee Middle School since it was changed from Narcoossee Community School. Tonight you should be proud of the small cast of students represented here on stage! 


This production was one that was put together quite quickly, the program is brand new, and this play served as a beta test for NCMS Black Bear Drama. It is exciting to see that it all came together. 


I'd like to thank the Administration at NCMS, Vicki Massicotte (our knight in shining armor), the volunteers, the rest of the staff, the students, and anyone else involved in the support of the inaugural Drama production!


It is an honor and privilege to present these young artists to you this evening in a safe, meaningful way.

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