UArts College Democrats

 Who's Who 

  • Magdalena Guzmán

    as Ducky Lucky

    dedicates this performance to their family, and friends. She just wanted more friends and somehow got herself wrapped up in this mess. She doesn't have much experience with the performing but thought she would give it a try!

  • Knaves Cuneo

    as Goosey Loosey

    is ecstatic to be in this production! Their hobbies include drawing, listening to music, crying, and skateboarding. They would like to dedicate their performance to their sibling Sasha for putting up with them. 

  • Lillian Howard

    as Foxy Loxy

    is excited to be in Stinky Cheese Man and would like to thank her family for supporting her. Lillian also loves to play volleyball, ride rollerskates, and hang out with her friends. 

  • Jordan Echevarria

    as Prince

    wants to be on Broadway when he grows up! Shout out to mom, grandpa, grandma, Jake from State Farm and Jeff Goldblum. 

  • Drake Goodwin

    as King

    is excited to be in the play! He would like to send a shout out to his dad and his friend Ren for always being there for him! He hopes you enjoy the show!

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