Bold: The Musical - August 08 - August 11, 2019

Unity Players, Inc.


Act 1  
Any Day Now  
Mother, We're Home  
Joseline, Monette, Sarah
As it Should Be  
Joseline and Company
Can't Be Good  
Vivienne, Pilar, Company
Lucien Returns  
Joseline, Sarah, Lucien, Monette
Enough Already  
Sarah, Lucien
Not Getting In Here  
Antelme, Gaspard and Company
Determined To Serve  
Lucien, Boucher
Beneath These Stones  
Bon Courage  
Lucien, Joseline, Monette, Sarah
Intelligence Briefing  
Boucher, Ward, Menut, Elkins
Battle of France  
Gaspard and Company
Visit From Boucher  
Joseline, Monette, Sarah, Boucher
I Remember  
Sarah, Joseline, Monette
Sarah, Boucher
Every Bit Bold  
Elkins, Ward, Drake, Clark
My Private War  
Panic at the Port  
Sarah, Monette, Joseline, Company
Alone at Plymouth  
Joseline and Company
Tomorrow We Rise  
Act 2  
Three Years  
Joseline, Ward, Company
I'm Convinced  
Joseline, Menut, Elkins, Clark, Drake
Defend the Cause  
Boucher, Gaspard, Company
My Victory  
Sarah, Monette, Company
Ward, Elkins, Drake, Clark, Company
I Don't Miss  
Clark and Company
What It Takes  
Drake and Company
Hunt in Limoges  
Sarah, Pilar, Monette, Vivienne, Boucher

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