Arkansas Moves - April 05 - April 07, 2024

University of Arkansas Department of Theatre

 Director's Note 

Welcome to "Arkansas Moves," the second annual concert dance production by The Movement, our university's premier dance company. As we take the stage tonight, we embark on a journey of movement, expression, and collaboration, celebrating the vibrant dance community thriving within the Northwest Arkansas area.


The Movement prides itself on being more than just a dance company. We are a collective of passionate individuals who have created lifelong friendships and are each dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and artistry. Our dancers, selected through a rigorous audition process, represent the diverse talent found within the University of Arkansas community.


"Arkansas Moves" stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in concert dance. In a university without a formal dance program or dance degree, these performances serve as a vital platform for dancers to showcase their talent and passion for the art form. It is through these concerts that we elevate the presence of dance within our academic environment, enriching the cultural landscape of our campus.


In addition to our performances, The Movement is dedicated to outreach and community engagement. We believe in the power of dance to inspire and uplift, which is why we offer free open-level dance classes once a week to university students. These classes provide an opportunity for individuals of all skill levels to explore the joy of movement and foster a sense of unity within our campus community.


This year, we are proud to feature choreographers who call Northwest Arkansas home. Their unique perspectives and artistic visions have shaped the dynamic repertoire you will witness tonight, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of our local dance scene.


Behind the scenes, our dedicated team of officers has worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this production. From organizing auditions to coordinating rehearsals, their unwavering dedication has been the driving force behind The Movement's continued growth and success.


I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Michael Riha and Weston Wilkerson for their steadfast support of dance on our campus. Additionally, I want to recognize the invaluable mentorship provided by Joe Millett, Shawn Irish, Helene Siebrits, and Valerie Jean Lane, who have nurtured our theatre students in the intricacies of stage management, lighting design, and costuming.


Lastly, I must express my deepest appreciation to Michelle Muzzillo, whose passion and dedication have been instrumental in the success of "Arkansas Moves." Your unwavering commitment as assistant director and choreographer has been nothing short of inspiring.


As the lights dim and the music begins, I invite you to join us on this journey of movement and discovery. Thank you for your support of The Movement and the vibrant arts community here at the University of Arkansas. Enjoy the show!


-Michelle LeBlanc

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