School of Rock - July 28 - August 04, 2018

Up and Coming Theatre

 End Notes 


Welcome to Up and Coming Theatre Company's production of School of Rock!  We are so excited to share our 25th anniversary with you.   As a company established in 1993, we are always looking for ways to keep ourselves relevant and exciting.  Up and Coming loves to bring new and unique theater experiences to our audiences. 


Over the years, Up and Coming has had an overwhelming number of talented actors and staff members become part of our family.  It's exciting this summer to usher in a new generation of UACers with a cast made up of actors all 18 years of age and under -- some whose parents performed with us in our early seasons!  Thanks to these families who have made UAC part of their summer tradition. 


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Elk Grove High School staff and District 214 Community Education Department for their partnership and generosity in giving us space to rehearse and perform. 


Thank you for supporting UAC and celebrating another fantastic year of theatre with us.  Make sure to check out our website, and look for the announcement this fall of our next season. 


Here's to another 25 years!




Lindsey Weiss

President of Up and Coming Theatre Company

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